Number 1 on the Celebrity Fragrance Charts

Still holding number 1 in the celebrity perfume charts is Britney Spears with her 'Curious' perfume. Kylie's 'Sweet Darling", Coleen McLoughlin's 'Coleen X' and Sarah Jessica Parker's "Covet" are close behind. But Britney is due to release her next fragrance 'Believe' soon and this should again see her keeping top spot in time for Christmas, even if they did use a body double for the ad (,23663,22244208-10388,00.html?from=mostpop).

Other celebs are due to release new fragrances include, Kate Moss, Mariah Carey and Britney's former rival, Christina Aguilera. It seems as if everyone wants to get in on the multi-million pound global women's fragrances market. And why not, after writing your autobiography (even though your career's not finished), it seems natural to move into the huge cosmetics industry for all these celebrities.

Coleen McLoughlin Launches Her First Perfume

One of the nicest WAG's, Coleen McLoughlin, launches her first perfume tonight at Selfridges - The Trafford Centre, Manchester. She'll actually be there herself from 5pm to 7pm to sign autographs and the perfume bottles (you might catch Wayne Rooney as well ;-). This is the first in a line of beauty products which should follow soon.

I've always found her to be quite different to the normal WAG's you know and hear about. Many people have said she's a good example of a scouse girl and great inspiration for liverpool girls. The program she did on the Hospice a while back really showed how down to earth she was. So good luck to her and hope she carries on doing well.

I'll try and get a review of her new fragrance soon, have a couple of friends in the Manchester area who should be able to get hold of a sample or two.

Favourite Designer Perfumes and the Latest Celebrity Fragrance

After a recent shopping spree i managed to get hold of the latest celebrity designer perfume, Kylie Minogue's Sweet Darling. Well, i would say it's better than her first one, Darling, with a bit more sweetness and vanilla (as my friend kept saying) but no where near my current favourite, Cherish by Ghost.

Here's a list of some the current favourites with my beauty blogging friends:

  • Dior - J'adore
  • Ghost - Deep Night
  • Lacoste - Touch of Pink
  • Paris Hilton - Paris Hilton
  • Vera Wang - Princess
  • Sarah Jessica Parker - Lovely
  • Victoria Beckham - Intimately Beckham for Her
  • Davidoff - Cool Water
  • Dior - Pure Poison
  • Givenchy - Hot Couture

Would love to hear your thoughts and your current favourites.

Did L'Oreal go too far with the False Eyelashes?

L'Oreal have been told by the ASA to add a disclaimer to all future ads because they were using false eyelashes. In an ad for their new 'Paris Telescopic Mascara' Penelope Cruz used some fake eyelashes to enhance the actual effect of the mascara apparently. But whats the truth, does it do the job?

I'm normally a fan of MaxFactor's range of mascara but my friend loves the L'Oreal range and confirmed to me that the Telescopic Mascara worked perfectly. I've seen her eyelashes for myself and can say the mascara did make her lashes look longer and nice separation, with less application needed than my Masterpiece Mascara. Might have to give L'Oreal a go! ;-) I would also add, it's always best to try the product out yourself or ask a friend advice.

L'Oreal might have gone too far with the fake eyelashes but it's the best mascara out there at the moment!

Black Khol Eyeliner, Just Khol it ;)

Apparently dark khol rimmed eyes (and black khol eyeliner) are going to be very big next season. Black khol rimmed eyes are'nt exactly a new concept...want a quirky alternative...? Go Brown! i recommend the lovely Le Crayon Khol eye pencils in brown by Chanel.

Shoes Glorious Shoes!!

I discovered these beautiful pair of raspberry coloured gems! These platform satin court shoes are on the Topshop website...on SALE...right now!! They are a must for any party girl worth her heels, so hurry :)

The Britney Factor

A couple of days ago, Britney actually showed she has class when she photographed going to yet ANOTHER party, but with an altogether more cleaned up look! Hopefully, this is the beginning of the return of the old Brit!

Speaking of Britney, I received this very cute Curious by Britney Spears Fragrance Roller Ball and Lip Gloss Duo for Xmas. I love it, smells nice and it fits in my handbag too! Genius!